Gel Candle Care

Most of my candles will burn 20 - 30 hours, because of the types of wicks and gel I use. The burning process is much slower than other candles on the market. The size of the vase is a factor in the burn rate.

Take care of your candle.

Candle Burning Safety Tips

The Wick The coated wax wicks offer the best rigidity during the pouring and burning process. The coated wick carries two basic wick coatings which includes specialty beeswax. The wax coated wick that I use can burn down to the ends and will not cause the wax to become a fire hazard.

Wood Wicks Easy to light and safe burning, wood wicks are clean burning and non-smoking with little to no afterglow.

The Gel The burning process is clean and soot-free. This promotes a green and eco-friendly environment. No flammable décor items are used in my gel candles like combustible fragrances or embellishments such as wood chips and plastic flowers.

Fragrance The fragrance of the candle usually lasts for the duration of the candle's life, unless you have a forever candle. I use only essential oils. Essential oils are oils that have been extracted from flowers, fruits, herbs, and plants. I do communicate to my customers that essential oils were used in their candle so customers realize why they may be paying a premium for my product. Essential oil prices vary greatly; they are non-toxic and no fragrance has better quality.

Fragrance Refills I offer fragrance refill bottles upon request. The refreshing of gel candles uses only to 1-4 drops of essential oil. I have 30 fragrances and colors for gel candle refills.

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Gel Candles
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